Kids’ Day At The Workplace: 10% Discount On All Multi-Location Bookings

Give Wings To Your Employees

Kids’ Day at work provides family time to the employees to motivate them and boosts their productivity. 

An exclusive day dedicated to the kids of your employees brings the essential attention to the kids that they deserve. Moreover, it gives an added advantage to the employees by seeing their child having a great time at their workplace.

very limited spaces – only a set amount of places for day


We run on any day of the week or weekend


Choose from half day or full day slots


In your work space (meeting rooms, office, warehouse..)


We provide a variety of engaging activities

We are here to execute a fun-filled Kids' Day celebration at workplace

With a range of themes, there is something for everyone! 

Choose one, two or three themes for your Kids’ Day!


Activities including Crazy Science, Coding, Young Engineers, Lego Robotics and more!


Each day starts with a wellness practice with a yoga flow, zen and meditation.


For those mini performers we teach singing and acting which builds up to a show for parents.


From pottery, painting to abstract art! We have a variety of crafty activities for the kids to explore!


Learn how to make your very own sushi, pizza, marshmallow cakes and more! (no kitchen required)


Keep active and healthy with basketball, fencing, Nerf, football, rounders and more sports in groups with a light competition


Learn your very own magic tricks using games, illusions and more followed by a spectacular performance.


Learn how to code, build, create and see your creation come to life in our Young Engineers Workshop


Design your own tie-dye t-shirt, headbands and caps walk in your very own fashion show!

Kids get to take home their projects too!

Kids' Day 2020

The Kids’ Day blends an exciting mix of fun and unique recreational activities for children from the age of 5 to 18. Based at your workplace in a safe and familiar environment, participants discover new interests, make beautiful new memories after spending this amazing fun-loving day at Kids Day.

The sole purpose of these activities is to help employees develop a good bonding with each other, keep them motivated and also bring refreshment in there monotonous lives. 


Engagement at Work

We intend to create effective interaction among the employees which is an essential requisite for developing a healthy work environment within the office premises. This is done by organising a Kids’ Day employees and their families. The core purpose is to shape up a robust network among the employees which is an essential requisite for organisational success.

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Multi-location company with more then ten locations?

We offer bulk discounts on companies with ten locations or more in the UK.
On the booking form, you will have the option of adding as many locations as you want.

Running Kids Day

Some Common FAQ's

Where does the Kids' Day take place?

The Kids' Day takes place in your workplace; This can be in a meeting room, office, outdoors, rooftop, swimming pool, hall, treehouse, shopping mall etc..
We've seen some very interesting spaces and we are flexible to work with anything!

How has Covid effected the day?

The welfare of all children is our primary concern. We have implemented protective measures in our workshops which include new risk assessments, reduced group sizes and revised activities. staff to child ratios are 1:15 for all age groups to ensure small group working. All children are to be kept at a safe distance apart, and we exercise judgement in ensuring the highest standards of safety are maintained. In all workshops, it has been necessary for us to introduce a cap on numbers to ensure that safety is prioritised.

How will my child be looked after?

Safeguarding of your child is our primary concern. We run all of our Kids Days at the workplace which means that we're operating in a safe environment for 5 and 18 years old. On-site risk assessments are completed and staff are trained in all the necessary policies and procedures. This training includes health, safety, hygiene, safeguarding, first aid, managing children's behaviour and much more. We also train staff to deliver a variety of different activities, always making sure they're safe and fun.

What training do your staff have?

Kids' Day Leaders are all qualified instructors with first aid, childcare, safeguarding and special need certifications. They have all got a clear up to date enhanced police check. You receive the profile of your Group Leader upon confirmation of the Kids' Day.

Do you provide food?

We can order lunc to be provided at an additional cost. Snacks are included.

How soon can we run a Kids' Day?

It takes us 24 hours to confirm your request and we need at least three working days to prepare your fun-filled Kids' Day.

Can parents join in?

Due to safeguarding concerns and Covid-19 precautions parents may not join in at this time but they can wait in a nearby room.

How do we book?

First you must Get A Quote for your Kids' Day and then we will confirm within 24 hours of receiving your quote request.

Do you offer a subscription service?

Yes, most companies choose to run a Kids' Day at least 4 times per year in their corporation. We offer subscription packages which are cheaper when booked together.

What type of company is suitable for Kids' Day?

We work with all companies from multi-national corporations to small businesses throughout the range of all industry sectors.

Where are you based?

We started out in London where our head office is back in 2013, and now we run clubs and workshops in the UK, USA, Canada South Africa and other countries! No matter where you are located in the country, we can come to you!

It's my child's first time

We understand that parents can feel a little nervous when sending their child to a Kids Day for the first time. Our caring staff will make sure that you're quickly put at ease and your child is settled in smoothly. Kids Day staff are here to provide you with a high quality kids activity day, a responsibility we take very seriously. Staff support each individual child during their first time at the workplace by making sure they're familiar with the venue, staff and how the programme works and what they should expect during their day.

What happens when I drop my child off?

When you arrive at Kids Day you'll be greeted at our designated space. At the designated space give the member of staff your child's name and age. If applicable, they will let you know which group they are in and issue your child with a name badge with their group name. The Group Leader will introduce themselves to your child as their lead member of staff for the day/week. This member of staff will oversee the care of your child and make sure that they settle easily into the Kids Day.

Are special needs children able to attend?

Yes, special needs children are able to attend, we require notice so that we can provide you with a SEND trained member of staff to for support.

Can I get some feedback at the end of the day?

If at the end of the day, you would like to speak to the Group Leader of your child's group, please just ask. As long as they are still on shift they will be happy to come out to the collection area and chat with you about your child's day. If the timing does not suit your arrangements, simply ask for a call back, our staff consider each child individually and are only too happy to share all the amazing things their groups have been up to!


0800 999 1013 or email info@

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No discrimination of any kind is accepted in our Kids Day.