The Lesson ideas below are intended to be enjoyed on a weekly basis. Encourage discussion about spy novels such as James Bond, Sherlock & Harriet the Spy. If you require reading materials please let us know


Each spy kids lesson must start with an interactive game with the whole classroom and a warm up exercise

We urge teachers to be as dynamic as possible. Engage with ALL students and include those that are shy in an encouraging manner


  • 5 min enter class
    take jackets off, sit down, do the register and eat snacks
  • 5 min explain lesson with examples and interaction (asking questions)
  • 40 min practical lesson
  • 10 min pack up
    tidy up, put jackets on, tuck chairs in, line up

*It is important that you leave the classroom as entered* 

Pro Tip: if there is time play another game at the end of the club

Spy Missions (drama)

Have children prepare and act out a scene from a spy or mystery film or book.

Spy Games

Horse Code – click here

The Secret Code Is… – click here

I Packed My Suitcase – click here

Mafia and Detectives – click here

Detective Memory – click here

Detective Touch – click here

Make A Spider Web – click here

Invisible ink messages – click here

Locate the Bomb

Crack the Code Clue Hunt

Five Clue Who?

Fingerprinting – click here

Make A Spy Decoder – click here