The Lesson Plans below are intended for weekly use, materials will be provided as needed. If you are running low or having issues with the kits please let us know in time for the next week.


Each Robotics Club must start with a visual reference and an explanation of what you are creating. IE: reference what the functions are, where we might find those abilities in our own bodies or in the real world in popular mechanics.

We urge teachers to save images on a USB which they can plug into a whiteboard at the school in your classroom to keep up for the children to reference. You may also bring in your own computer or iPad to show the children the images which you have saved. Most schools have a secure internet system which don’t allow teachers to search on google or Youtube so please be prepared.


  • 5 min enter class
    take jackets off, sit down, do the register and eat snacks
  • 5 min explain lesson with examples and interaction (asking questions)
  • 40 min practical lesson
  • 10 min pack up
    tidy up, put jackets on, tuck chairs in, line up

*It is important that you leave the classroom as entered* 

Pro Tip: If there is time at the end of the club, take some time to ask the children where they might have seen the mechanics or functions used in their robots today in the real world; spark a thought or perhaps ask them to think of examples through the week so they can tell you during the next club.

Leave the supplies in the storage box and store in a safe place allocated by the school

Robotics Club Lesson Plan

Robotics Club is exciting, challenging and unique. Student get a chance to create something from nothing; make objects move and think outside the box or regular mechanics. We have several different aspects to this club.

Depending on how many weeks it is running will depend on how many different robots the children get to work with. The most popular kits are below; there is also the option of creating with household items which you will see additional lessons for as well.

ThinkGizmos Robot Kit For Kids – Ingenious Machines Build Your Own Robot Kit

Provides kids with confidence in their achievement. This robot kit for kids contains 237 construction pieces and a remote control. Comes with a bundle of fun!

The building set included a user manual has easy to follow instructions with diagrams of how to make the 4 robots / machines. Kids love playing with this construction toy for hours on end (no soldering required).

Each construction toy model takes from between 35 minutes to around 2 hours to build, so this will keep even the cleverest Children occupied and focussed. After gaining experience kids can then try to build their own machines.

Link to read more about this product


Be sure to show the children a picture of what they are going to create prior so they have an idea of what they are working toward.

More Ideas

The key here is to not limit your self to the 4 models on the box. The pieces can build ANYTHING. So once you’ve finished now its time to set some themed lessons. Remember that there are wheels and motors which can be controlled. So, in this case encourage the children to use their imagination beyond the box.

Below are some themes that can be used during your lesson:

  • Build a construction site (including building, crane etc…)
  • Build an Animal Kingdom
  • Create a transport museum
  • Build a cable car
  • Build a double decker bus
  • Tow Truck
  • Build a King-Kong style character
  • Build a futuristic Robot
  • Build a giant skateboard
  • Tallest / widest tower
  • Build a Ferris Wheel
  • Build a Roller Coaster