Our Passion For What We Do Transfers Into Our Services

Inspired by children, our clubs are ran by top DBS certified Club Leaders who do the best to ensure that each child is getting the most out of each session.


We have a strict child protection policy and risk assessment for each club


Everyone in welcome to join our clubs, no matter the learning ability or disability. We will know precisely of highlighted concern from the school so that together we create a neurodevelopmental fun learning lesson plan – a kind of balance sheet that accounts for the child’s strengths and weaknesses.


Including a child’s special interests in an individualized learning plan can both motivate and help through or around a learning difficulty. For example, participating in a club about something that interests you can help enhance cognative skills. The same can be said for coordination, remembering information, and concentrating. We must not only recognize these strategies as practical, but apply them widely in an effort to help children achieve their potential


The Parent Toolkit is provided at the last session and is designed to give parents, caregivers a better understanding of:

  • Progression
  • Learning processes
  • Insights into club dynamics
  • Strategies for responding practising at home
  • Resources for learning more