Our Story

School clubs was first started in the UK back in 2013. As we already had many teachers who specialized in different subjects through our sister company it was easy to run Animation Club, Mandarin Club, Hip-Hop club etc..

Two years later we expanded the School Club UK service into the USA, New Zealand and soon Australia.


School Clubs rapidly has become popular. Almost too rapid for our little team of ex teachers in the back office. So much so that in earlier days we couldn’t fill the demand. Since then we have learned and acknowledged that the demand is high, so our database of quality tutors has expanded, and we even have substitute tutors on the ready.

Improving Lives

There is no better feeling then making a difference. We’re able to improve lives with our clubs by donating a portion of  our earnings to schools and individuals that need it.

Wide Range of Clubs

We have a huge range of clubs and we’re still adding more. We’re listening to the children, the schools and the parents and supplying you with what you want.

We aim to be the worlds #1 provider

We aim to expand School Clubs not only into the English speaking countries but also non-English speaking



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