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Inspired by children, we have created the perfect Language clubs

All language clubs are taught by native speakers. The objective is conversational skills which can be applied in real time.
We offer 16 Language Clubs;
Arabic, Bengali, English, French, German, Greek, Igbo, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Sign Language, Spanish, Yoruba

Our Language Tutors

We employ the best and most appropriate teachers our clubs at your school. Our tutors are expert specialists in their field with experience teaching.

Global Communication

In a rapidly developing world, the art of bilingualism has never been more sought out then before. Children who are skilled in more then one language are well equip for foreign travel, communication and job prospects when they are older opening up their world to a plethora of new opportunities.


Our Language teachers are patient and native

Authenticity is everything when it comes teaching a foreign language so we’ve made sure that all of our language teachers are 100% native. They will also teach about the culture with arts and crafts, along with fun games.

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WOW – I dont know what else to say. This is the Pottery Club we’ve ever had, plus a waiting list too

Gregg Watson, St Michaels School

The Language teachers provide excellent lessons, listens to their students & continually works to improve their club

Stephanie Sasikarn, Our Ladys School