This board is frequently updated and jobs are removed and added frequently so please keep checking

All clubs will start on the w/c 10th of September or the w/c 17th.

The Autumn full term is between 10-13 weeks. Please email or incase of an enquiry

ClubTimePost CodeDayStart Date
Drama3:30-4:30W9 1DFMonday17 September
Code3:30-4-30SE3 7THTuesday18 September
Chess4-5W5 2PJ
Young Engineers3:30-4-30W6 0UAWednesday12 September
Young Engineers3:30-4-30W6 0UAThursday13 September
Lego3:30-4:30SE 26 4LJMonday17 September
Comic3:30-4:30SE 26 4LJTuesday18 September
Robotics4:10-5:10N7 8ABMonday17 September
Mad Science4:10-5:10N7 8ABTuesday18 September
Street Dance4:30-5:30N7 8ABWednesday19 September
Pottery4:10-5:10N7 8ABThursday20 September
Robotics3:30-4:30SW11 5UWMonday17 September
Arts & Crafts3:30-4:30SW11 5UWMonday17 September
Coding3:30-4:30SW11 5UWTuesday18 September
Drama3:30-4:30SW11 5UWWednesday19 September
Arts & Crafts3:30-4:30SW11 5UWWednesday19 September
Robotics3:30-4:30SW11 5UWThursday20 September
Lego3:30-4:30N3 3PLMonday17 September
Chess3:30-4:30CR2 0PYThursday20 September
Coding3:30-4:30UB8 2LXThursday20 September
Coding3:30-4:30SW4 0NUFriday21 September
Lego3:30-4:30NW11 7NTWednesday19 September