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All lessons are safe, and risk free and can be repeated at home.

Recommended Club Structure:

  • 5 minutes settle in (jackets off, explain lesson plan, ask questions (it helps to have an example ready either pre-made or a picture))
  • 30 minutes, Creating!
  • 10 minutes, Show & Tell / Recap
  • 10 minutes, Clean Up
  • 5 minutes, Pack Up (jackets on, get ready to go home)

Ensure that you are finished 5 minutes before the lesson ends and ready to go when the class finishes. Eliminate your time of packing up after the children by making sure the class packs up before the end

Lesson Plans

  • Bracelets (string and beads)
  • Necklaces (string and beads)
  • Rings (string and beads)
  • Earrings (as a gift for mum/gran)
  • Alphabet Jewellery
  • Clay Pendents – moulding and painting design. 1/2 lesson
  • Clay Pendents – finishing and adding string to design.  2/2 lesson
  • Loom Bands
  • Ankle bracelets
  • Key Rings part 1
  • Key Rings part 2



Please keep your materials safe. Allow extra time before packing up to ensure that the children pick up every stray bead from the ground as Jewellery Club can get messy and you don’t want to be the one bending down.

Put materials back in the box, or bring in jars to better organise yourself and keep in a safe place (ask the school where)