The children must first create their own sketch book with A4 or A5 paper, hold puncher and string. Both sides must always be used and the children must fill up their pages with Graffiti and Backgrounds!

Build Tag Letters Using Bars

There are many different techniques you can experiment with to draw graffiti letters.
These lessons start out with tag letters. Once you write out a letter in tag-style,
you can add bars to the letter to thicken it and develop a wildstyle letter from there.
Many of the complex graffiti letters that you see in big, colorful graffiti masterpieces
start out with tag letters.

STEP 1. In this exercise, a graffiti letter begins with a simple tag letter, so draw an “S ( or other letter)”.
STEP 2. Draw it again, this time squaring it off into sharp lines.
STEP 3. Draw a bar around each line of the letter any width that you wish to thicken the
letter, overlapping the edges of the bars.
STEP 4. Draw around the outline, erasing all the inside guidelines.
STEP 5. Now smooth over all the pointy edges to make your letter soft and curvy. Your
new “S” should have the same flowing feeling as the “S” you started with, only now it’s
a block letter.
STEP 6. You can add 3-D to finish your graffiti letter, following one of the many
methods we suggest here free 3-D drawing lessons or use your own ideas.


Graffiti Character (x2 lessons)


How To Draw 3 Dimensional Letters

STEP 1. Draw a block letter “A” on a sheet of paper.
STEP 2. Put a second sheet of paper on top and trace the “A” with a pencil.
Now move the top paper a little bit in any direction and trace the “A” again.
STEP 3. Erase the overlapping lines.
STEP 4. Your “A” should look like this, with one “A” behind the other.
STEP 5. Draw lines to connect the corners.
STEP 6. Color in the 3-D.

How To Draw TAG Letters

How To Draw Bubble Letters

STEP 1. Draw a the letters of your name lightly in pencil.
STEP 2. Now draw an outline all around it. The outline should be the same distance all
the way around the letter.
STEP 3.  Draw several more outlines until you get it to the size you want.
STEP 4. Erase the inside lines.
STEP 5. Make sure it looks soft and bubbly with no sharp corners or edges. If you’d like
your bubble letter to look even puffier, draw  circles on the ends of the letter.
STEP 6.  Now go over the entire outline with a black marker (Sharpies are best because
they do not smear) and erase all of the pencil lines. You should have a nice round
bubble letter. Add extra  lines inside to indicate puffiness. Do the whole alphabet for