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Inspired by children, we have created the perfect after school clubs for all

Fun clubs are a great choice for children who do not want to exert too much mental energy after school, but still want to benefit from stimulation through learning. Most of these clubs revolve around imaginative play.

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We employ the best and most appropriate teachers our clubs at your school. Our tutors are expert specialists in their field with experience teaching.

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After a long day at school, all children want to do is to engage in something uplifting and fun! That is exactly what we provide with clubs such as Lego Club, Circus Skills, Parkour and Magic Club.

Fun and Unique clubs are essential for teaching those children who have an interest in an off-track subject such as Gardening or Circus Skills

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Kids love STEM! Whether they are writing code, animating a game or creating slie, there’s nothing that makes children happier than engaging in FUN activities.

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WOW – I dont know what else to say. This is the Pottery Club we’ve ever had, plus a waiting list too

Gregg Watson, St Michaels School

The Art teachers provide excellent lessons, listens to their students & continually works to improve their club

Stephanie Sasikarn, Our Ladys School

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