The Lesson Plans below are intended to be run per week, if materials happen to run out or you cannot run the anticipated experiment please always have a backup!

The objectives of Film Making are:

  • Learn the basic terminology of filmmaking by creating their own films
  • Develop collaborative skills by working in small groups
  • Learn how to use a variety of tools to create digital video


Each lesson must start with a verbal explanation and if possible a physical example of the Goal of the session.
For example: Today we are going to develop our acting skills, Today we are going to start writing the script of our film, 

We urge teachers to bring an iPad, tablet or laptop to save film clips to show the children. Schools will not share the internet password.


  • 5 min enter class
    take jackets off, sit down, do the register and eat snacks while explaining the lesson and showing an example
  • 35 minutes, Practical Experiment
  • 10 minutes, Show & Tell / Recap
  • 10 minutes, Clean Up
    tidy up, put jackets on, tuck chairs in, line up
  • Leave 2 minutes early

*It is important that you leave the classroom as entered* 

Film Club Lesson Plan

The lessons in this club are all safe and can be recreated at home. We encourage a safe and clean environment in the classrooms and suggest having students work in groups or pairs.


Break The Ice

Break the Ice with three games.

  1. Name Game
  2. World’s Greatest Sandwich
  3. Woozit

See step-by-step instructions here: https://www.thoughtco.com/ice-breakers-for-young-actors-2712992

Film Vocabulary – weekly

Camera Angels: Top Angle, High Angle, Eye Level, Low Angle, Bottom Angle (see and save picture)

Explain and discuss the following:

  • Plot. What is a plot?
  • Character (main versus extras)
  • Sound (soundtrack versus sound effects)
  • Film genres (action, adventure..)

Fairy Tale Script

Choose one of the fairy tale stories, and set your characters. First read through the script with your group in a circle. It is a good idea to bring in a laptop or use the school computer (if allowed) to show a short animation of the fairy tale you have chosen if the children do not know it.

You will create a mini film around the fairy tale that you have chosen.

You must set characters, rehearse lines, positions, movement, set a director and a camera man/woman. Rotate the camera man/woman and the director weekly so that each child gets a chance to experience those film making roles. Try and use each camera angle for in every scene.


Once you have chosen a fairy tale, the children will stay in those characters until the film is finished. Play some character building games and activities before you start rehearsing and filming the script.

In a circle, have each child stand in the middle, and one by one get the other children to ask questions such as…

  • Where is your character from?
  • Do you have any siblings?
  • What is your character’s dream?
  • What is your character’s secret?
  • Who is your characters best friend?
  • What is your character’s favourite colour?

You can get as creative as possible.