Where are the after school clubs held? 
We hold all clubs at your school on-site. We need a basic classroom or hall space depending on the club

How many club leaders come to run the after school clubs? 
This depends on the club size. More then 1 club leader will run larger clubs

What is the minimum amount of children?
We require a minimum of 14 children to sign up no max

How many clubs can we run?
All clubs run after school for 1hr. We recommend choosing 2 or more clubs on different days and separating the age groups

Which age group?
All ages 

How many weeks?
Our clubs run for 10-12 weeks (per quarter semester/term) 

Do you have promotional flyers?

How do parents pay?
Parents can pay online and we collect all admin and send the school the updated register

Do you pay a hire fee to the school?
We are happy to pay a school room hire fee, though this may reflect in the price to parents

Must a member of school staff be on-site?
For the assurance of the school it is HIGHLY recommended that a member of staff or caretaker from the school is on-site

Do you hold free promotional showcases or demos?

Do you provide snacks?
Parents must provide children with snacks.

Who will run the clubs?
Our team of certified club leaders will run the club at your school

Is there a minimum commitment?