1-6 iPads: £350
7-14 iPads: £600
15+ iPads: From £1300



1-6 Laptops: £400
7-14 Laptops: £700
15+: From £1400

Are your iPads or Laptops and other equipment insured? What happens in the event of damage?

We have equipment insurance for all clubs. In the event of damage to our equipment we will not charge the cost of repair on top. However if the damage is not accidental in witness of the teacher, we will charge for a replacement. In the highly unlikely situation of damage repairs we charge a fair amount based on how much it would cost us to repair and nothing more.scratch game development in schools

You must report any damage to our iPads or Laptops as soon as possible.

What happens when an iPad or Laptop is lost/stolen?

We will not charge you for the cost of replacement and not send you another one. Please let us know immediately when an iPad is lost or stolen so we are informed.

Can teachers at the school use your equipment out of your class?

No, our equipment is reserved solely for our classes

Can students at the school take iPads and Laptops home?

No. Only if the tutor specifies this and a permission and advice slip will be applicable.

When do you deliver the equipment?

The one time delivery will be anytime you let us know

What is your damage/wear and tear policy?

We fully expect ipads and Laptops to show some signs of wear and tear over time, light brush marks and minor scrapes are all acceptable. Generally as long as you don’t take it near the water, nor do you drop it, and keep it inside it’s case. It should be fine. That being said we warn against deep scratches or dents on the equipment.Animating with iPads!

How much are delivery charges?

£50 – one off fee

Is it a one-off lifetime payment

The one-off payment is yearly, and applies to 1 term or 4 terms.
We upgrade each year

Where are the iPads and Laptops stored?

Please allocate us a storage space for our equipment as we will leave the iPads and Laptops at the school throughout the year

What is the condition of the equipment?

Grade A condition. Our equipment is new

How do you acquire the iPads and Laptops?

We own all our tech equipment which is purchased through our providers. We do not make a profit on equipment hire

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