by Dia. Year 4 – St Josephs School

Wonder is a moving story of passion and true wonder, has been created into a loved film, a story praised by many, of bravery, courage and individuality. This heart-warming story of self-confidence has spread an inspiring message: believe in yourself. It is a wondrous movie which many people are stunned by, creating a wave of popularity and a craze for the movie: Wonder.

This amazing novel by R.J Palacio talks of disregarding judgement and looking past personal pride. A story of a boy with a deformed face shows where true friendship comes calling and how it takes courage to stand up to enemies, but even more to stand up to friends. It is the perfect message.

Overcoming the world is the last thing August Pullman would ever dream of achieving, but a lifetime of encouragement which overpowers the trips and falls he has faced should do the trick. But never would Auggie ever expect to get a standing ovation. Nor would he expect people to be his friend. But he proves himself wrong. BOTH TIMES.

That is one thing the students of Beecher Prep learned thanks to Auggie. In a story of final decisions, strongly parted sides and ultimate emotional and physical battles, everyone’s torn loyalties are scattered. There has been extreme change, but will they be able to stand the test?

The author. The ultimately famous R.J Palacio. Who could be a more inspiring figure to look up to? She is a wonderful person in the world of writing and has written one of the most treasured books known to many. Broadcasting her message and flair for writing to a wide audience, she has gone passed the border and amazed us all!

It must be one of the most treasured series the world has ever come across. Auggie and Me, a story of significant figures and how they faced this surprising newcomer to their school. In a year of unexpected events, who knows how everyone is feeling? 365 days of Wonder, the fun just never stops! With a fantastic quote to keep you going every day, nothing has ever been more enjoyable!

The face of the movie that has made us all proud. A story of chasing dreams and coping with everything not being how it is meant to be has never been more loved! This have-to-watch movie is a true astounding amazement which is highly valued in all places.

The famous book that everyone is always talking about, the centre of all the buzz. Be sure to check out this book, you will only fall in love with it! A world of greatness could not be more appreciated. #impossibletoputdown!

Calling everyone who is absolutely dying to meet the worldly famous… (Drumroll, please…)… Auggie! To put you to the test, go ahead and watch this movie of wonder and take a look at the movie that should be awarded everlasting OUTSTANDINGs!

Simple, yet effective. When no one knows what the honourable thing to do is anymore, how can anything go right? Yet, in the midst of complete craziness, a wonder appears, a miracle! And then everything is changed for good, but for the better…

By Dia Saldanha