The Lesson Plans below are intended to be run per week, if materials happen to run out or you cannot run the anticipated experiment please always have a backup! Science is all about having fun, learning and being surprised by the way things work! All experiments are safe, and risk free and can be repeated at home.


Each Science lesson must start with a verbal explanation and if possible a physical example of what to expect from this weeks club. IE: If you are going to make something react start by teaching them the importance of reaction; why the two chemicals react the way that they do and what we might use this type of science for in the real world.

We urge teachers to save images on a USB which they can plug into a whiteboard at the school in your classroom to keep up for the children to reference. You may also bring in your own computer or iPad to show the children the images which you have saved. Most schools have a secure internet system which don’t allow teachers to search on google or Youtube so please be prepared.


  • 5 min enter class
    take jackets off, sit down, do the register and eat snacks while explaining the lesson and showing an example
  • 35 minutes, Practical Experiment
  • 10 minutes, Show & Tell / Recap
  • 10 minutes, Clean Up
    tidy up, put jackets on, tuck chairs in, line up

*It is important that you leave the classroom as entered* 

Leave the supplies in the storage box and store in a safe place allocated by the school

Crazy Science Club Lesson Plans

The lessons in this club are all safe and can be recreated at home. We encourage a safe and clean environment in the classrooms and suggest having students work in groups or pairs.

We have two options on how to run this club; 

  • you buy the materials and invoice us for the cost (keep under £10 per experiment)
  • we can send the materials to the school but you will need to tell us the experiments you plan on conducting for several weeks)

Most teachers allow children to build alone, then combine their creations with their friends to make it larger then life!

If you are interested in more experiments you’re more than welcome to search around online, as long as items are safe!