How your booking may be effected due to Covid-19

Naturally Covid-19 is our number one concern so flexible booking and club security is the number one priority right now. Schools closed in March and are reopening in September 2020, so right now the most important thing to us is getting the clubs back on track in the right way – so that everybody is happy and feels supported by our protocols which we have in place.

If you bought clubs for Summer Term and they could not run due to Covid-19 school closure this section is for you

  • Year 6 and Year 11 children may transfer your booking to online learning, tuition or can request a full refund
  • Children who have left the school may transfer your booking to online learning, tuition or can request a full refund
  • If your child has left the school you are eligible for a refund
  • If your child is still at the school then the club payment has been frozen and rolled onto the next available term, you may use the club payment for any other club we are running

School Clubs stopped running clubs at most schools on March 20th after the last Friday club nationwide.

Some schools had one or two weeks left of clubs to run.

  • If the school decide to cancel prior to March 20th, it is their decision
  • Under normal circumstances we do not issue credit if the decision to cancel was on behalf of the school. We have temporarily waived this rule and you may transfer your payment onto Autumn Term Clubs

We offer a fully flexible policy for changes and cancelations for all clubs starting in September 2020. This includes extended care, after school clubs, Kids’ Club, workshops and anything else we’re offering.

If government guidelines state that we must stop clubs at school then we will offer the following solutions

  • Freeze payments onto the new term
  • Offer credit for childcare services, online learning tuition
  • Refund parents for the weeks left

How To Redeem Credit For Club

  • You can redeem credit for clubs by filling our this form => Redeem Credit
  • A coupon code will be sent to your inbox when we return which you can use for future bookings

The impact of Covid hit us hard so we have had to be precise about how to handle our club bookings.

  • we can not refund parents whose children are not school leavers (R, Y6 or Y11)
  • we can not refund parents from schools who cancelled on us before March 20th