Naturally Covid-19 is worrying all of us. Schools have closed and School Clubs will postpone all clubs from March 20th 2020. The last clubs will run on Friday 20th 2020 and we will restart when schools reopen.

Credit & Make Up Sessions

If you bought a club membership from a School Clubs or through the school and the school decide not to run the clubs due to concerns about coronavirus, please see below.

We cannot process refunds for clubs if the school cancel. Please contact your school directly for refund assistance.

Resolve for clubs that have not started yet (Summer Term & Autumn Term)

  • Club membership purchased from School Clubs which have not started will be rolled onto the next available running term
  • This includes the half and full Summer Term
  • This includes Autumn Term

Credit for clubs which are running in Spring Term

Unattended Clubs:

  • School Clubs close date is March 20th after the last Friday club nationwide
  • If the school decide to cancel prior to March 20th, it is their decision
  • Under normal circumstances we do not issue credit if the decision to cancel was on behalf of the school. We have temporarily waived this rule and you may transfer your payment onto Summer Term Clubs
  • We will only issue credit for clubs through School Clubs, The Lego Club and WeMatter

How To Redeem Credit For Clubs:

  • You can redeem credit for clubs by filling our this form => Redeem Credit
  • A coupon code will be sent to your inbox when we return which you can use for future bookings