Do something at breakfast. No-one to play with? Nothing to do? Why not start a breakfast club?

A developing measure of schools are seeking to out source their breakfast time arrangements to outside suppliers. This is occurring all the more oftentimes as schools are searching for better approaches to allow students to be more active during breakfast time. Our staff give a tremendous assortment of activities and progressive projects for all year groups school matured youngsters.

Multiple Benefits
School Clubs offers a wide range of age-appropriate activities that spark new interests for children, enriching their lunchtime and school day with exciting curriculum appropriate activities and projects

Children are more likely to engage in breakfast activities
Children are taught how to solve and contribute to a wide variety of activities
Children will be encouraged to pursue an active lifestyle

Activities Include
Breakfast* Optional
Lego & Construction
Arts & Crafts
Sports & Yoga
Photography, Film Making
Drama and Singing
Debate, Chess & Book Reviews

Structured Sessions
Lunchtime Club has a strict lesson plan and designed to be a fun group experience taught by friendly instructors, encouraging children to feel at home at lunchtime club by encouraging them to make friends outside of their own forms with other students of similar ages and interests.

Lunchtime Club runs for 40-60 minutes during lunchtime hours[/text-with-icon][text-with-icon icon_type=”font_icon” icon=”steadysets-icon-users” color=”Accent-Color”]

Club Size
We require a minimum club size of 12 attendees. Many clubs fill quickly, in this case we have a reservation list.

Option 1: £3 per child per session and we require minimum 15 students to join
Option 2: £45 per session, no minimum

We offer a healthy breakfast box (granola (cereal), fruit, sandwich, water & juice) for £1 extra per child (option 1) or £70 per session

We can hold a maximum that the classroom or hall space can handle and will bring in as many Club Leaders as we need to adequately run the club.

A little Bit About Us
We are your All In One School Club Provider. With School Clubs you can equip yourself with different clubs with a single customer service contact. Best of all, all of your club choices will appear on one consolidated invoice or we will administrate the clubs in one go. And, you’ll get it all at low rates to help you control costs and provide for the socio economic area accordingly. School Clubs is a single provider that provides virtually all the school clubs your school needs — simply and more economically.