The Lesson Plans below are intended for 2-3 weeks each and materials will be provided based on a 2 weekly time frame.

Art Club also covers Messy Play – just make it “messier”


Each art lesson must start with a visual reference and an explanation of what you are creating. IE: reference Picasso (who was he, what are her other works…).

We urge teachers to save images on a USB which they can plug into a whiteboard at the school in your classroom to keep up for the children to reference. You may also bring in your own computer or iPad to show the children the images which you have saved. Most schools have a secure internet system which don’t allow teachers to search on google or Youtube so please be prepared.


  • 5 min enter class
    take jackets off, sit down, do the register and eat snacks
  • 5 min explain lesson with examples and interaction (asking questions)
  • 40 min practical lesson
  • 10 min pack up
    tidy up, put jackets on, tuck chairs in, line up

*It is important that you leave the classroom as entered* 

Pro Tip: if there is time once the children are packed up do a show and tell. Allow a few students to show and explain what they made, which colours they used etc..

Leave the supplies in the storage box and store in a safe place allocated by the school


Art Club Lesson Plans

Serengeti Silhouette

Before Activity:  Show images of Serengeti and these images below of other students work. Talk through the animals in the Serengeti ie: Lions, Buffalos… Ask the students which is their favourite, which is more dangerous etc..

Materials: paper, paint and paint brushes, crayons or pencils*

Add: Patterns, trees, other animals..

NOTE: If using paint and your first layer (sunset) is not dry, use a separate piece of paper to create the silhouette as paint on the sunset layer must dry first. Glue the silhouette onto the sunset. This may take two lessons.

Dream Catcher. see link

Before Starting: Explain what a dream catcher is, remember to stress that it is a fantasy concept 

Learning Discussion: Students will be able to discuss why Native Americans used Dream Catchers

Materials: Paper plates, Yarn, Crayons, Sequins*, Glitter*, Feathers, Pony beads, Glue, ssorsHole punch

Very Step by Step Guide

Lolly Stick Airplane. see link


2 large craft sticks
2 mini craft sticks
1 bead
1 clothes pin

Warm and cool hands. see link

Materials: paper, paint and paint brushes. You may substitute paint with crayons or pencils*

Paul Klee Art Lesson. see link

Before Starting: Show children images of Paul Klee style art on whiteboard or iPad*

Materials: paper, paint and paint brushes, crayons or pencils*

Who is Paul Klee?

View Children Art by Paul Klee

VIDEO (download if you can onto USB or try and find it on school YouTube if connected to whiteboard)

Weather Lesson Plan.

Before Starting: Talk about the weather outside, explain different seasons – what what their favourite…

Materials: paper plate, paint* or coloured card paper, scissors, string (optional for umbrella craft)